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We have broken up... Yet u still feel there is something tbere


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Okay so it has been a few days since my gf broke up with me, it was a LDR aswell. When we broke up i felt crushed and completely broken because I couldn't believe that we actually broke up. The reason why we broke up was because she felt too pressured into this relationship and was just too busy. By pressured it must have been me who wanted to spend time with her but wasn't getting the chance to do so because she kept pushing me away.


But now after we have broken up she has made the first move by tagging me in a music video, but my replies are very minimal. She then sent me a video of what she did on her birthday (yes we broke up a few days before her birthday) and was like "since you don't follow me on snapchat, this is what I did on my birthday" I still havnt replied because I don't know what to say...


I don't know whether these are signs or she is just trying to be friendly.. this is confusing me.


Before our breakup all she did was push me further and further away... But now without even asking she made a video and sent it to me showing me what she did on her birthday

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She wants to be friends, she feels zero romantically for you..the breakup didn't cause her any heartache so she's more than ready to be friends and go on like that. Fine for you if it doesn't hurt but because you're posting here I recommend a year or 2 no contact and then revisit the possibility

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It sounds like she want a long distance cyber-friend, since you've never met. Without ever meeting, both you and she would be better off dating local people and remaining friends.

we had not met.But now without even asking she made a video and sent it to me showing me what she did on her birthday
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If someone didn't care enough about me to work on things instead of dumping me, then I'd never give them a second chance, not that she wants one. Just saying this to get the thought out of your mind that you should consider going back with her if she asked. She's playing with you like she's a cat and you're the toy she's batting around. Don't let her do this. Tell her you need closure and are moving on, and to achieve that, you are asking her not to contact you again.


Over time, without communication with her, you will emotionally move on and be ready to date a woman worthy of you and who is crazy about you. Hold out for that special person. Take care.

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