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Got mail at my house addressed to my ex. Deadpan rant ensues.


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I've been trying really hard to move on from being left by my ex 2 months ago. We were together for just about 5 years. We shared an apartment and I ended up moving back in with my parents (which is really hard when you've been out on your own for quite awhile) and today he received a piece of mail TO MY PARENTS HOUSE. We lived together at my parents house for about 9 months over 2 years ago now.


I just feel like screaming "come on, universe! Let me let go!" The weirdest part is its from State Farm auto insurance and he doesn't have his drivers license, let alone a car! Unless in the 2 months since we've split he's managed to acquire both, which honestly seems incredibly unlikely.


I'm obviously pretty emotional so lately I've been really believing in signs and astrology and all that baloney people use to make sense of their terrible situation. I've been thinking about him constantly and in my despair I can't tell whether or not this is some cruel cosmic joke or if it is a "sign" that forces are trying to initiate contact (listen, I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out) because after all it would be kind of crappy to withhold his mail. Even if it's some solicitation junk mail sent to address he hasn't lived at for over 2 years, I'm obligated to at least tell him about it. I'm pretty sure it's at the very least unethical, if not illegal, to just pitch somebody's mail and never tell them about it.


It's not that I can't reach out to him or that he's ignoring me...I just don't want to. I can't speak to him or see him right now. Nope, no thanks. It would just take the slight breeze out of my limp sails. I'm struggling to maintain a forward moving momentum. I'm still looking at articles on how to get your ex back and then immediately looking up how to get over him. So yeah, contacting him is a no-go.


It feel like a dopey main character in some crappy, slap stick sitcom. What hi-jinx is going to be next, I wonder?


Cue the laugh track.

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I do not know where you live, but in the UK it would be illegal for you to steal his mail. It is also illegal to " cause unnecessary delay in transmission of post " , which basically means if you know where he is living you should pass it to him, or put it back in the mail with his forwarding address.


Insurance is usually an annual thing, so it is possible this has carried over from last year.

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I FULLY believe in signs. So I get you're trying to figure out what that means. If you've been 'moping', thinking about him, feeling down about all that went on, this is a sign you need to pull it together. You need to start making yourself happy and thinking positively about life and who's out there waiting for you. If you feel you may be coping okay and aren't thinking about him, well I'd take that as a sign he may be thinking about you too. Don't initiate contact, wait for what the universe will do for you next

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Well obviously you're not over him at all and you like to consider any smal thing as a sign for coming back to him or contact him which I don't suggest to do

But he might think about you too , we don't know that . Maybe he's just waiting for a reason to contact you too , so I think you should forward his mail with a note saying that you have received his mail and you're sending it to him

Then he can thank you for this or who knows might invite you to dinner to show how grateful he is

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Junk mail goes on forever to whatever the last address they have on record. It's not your call to determine if it's junk or whatever. Simply write "no longer at this address" on the envelope and toss it in the nearest postbox.

he received a piece of mail TO MY PARENTS HOUSE. We lived together at my parents house for about 9 months over 2 years ago now.
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