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An hour of sitting online and my mood's nose dived


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Was feeling alright, not ecstatic, but alright, there's lots of work coming my way, just had dinner with my old housemate, stayed over the fwb house last night (why can't this be enough?). Stuck at home tonight because need to have an early night. Have things I want to do with this free time, prepare uniform (sewing required), prepare equipment for work tomorrow, clean the shed a little. Feeling pretty tired though. Let myself get sucked into the internet instead (and listened to the cure, terrible idea). Within the space of an hour I've made 4 bids for interaction that were unsuccessful (they just look like small talk, friends don't know how high the stakes are), probably found someone to cover my shift on Sunday, had a random conversation with a friend I don't normally talk to but then his girlfriend arrived so he went off line. Gone from fine to *sigh* lonely. Detour by ok cupid did not help. Few fellows talking but none that pique my interest and I see my profile's been visited by someone I connected with on Tinder earlier in the year, who was Heaps keen to meet, until he got back with his partner and ghosted. So many ghostings. Every one ghosts.


Must. Get. Up. And. Do. The. Things. *claws through air like treacle*

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