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this could be storybook romance or a Steven king novel.


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Ok first I want to say I'm not using any names of anyone including myself. And that I need as much advice from as many people as possible because things are getting really crazy deep and intense in my life. Basically here's the full story from back story to current.


I met this girl in 2006. She was introduced to me through a friend. She was you maybe 12 and I immediately noticed something odd taking place between my friend and this girl. He was a little bit older I'll leave it at that. Well me and this girl developed a friendship. With in a year she started coming to me with problems. Here's why. Not a year before we were introduced her father passed from a bad accident and her sibling was off too serve a first of a few terms in the middle east. Guess who became big brother. Yours truly. I was 18 when we met. First job became stopping what o had noticed initially from taking place anymore. So dude man got ousted. I drove him aeay from her. It took years. But I did it. Meanwhile this whole time my mother is telling people I'm sleeping with this girl. We had no interest like that towards each other. So things continued on. Mind y'all this girl is very pretty and guys are doing all they can to sleep with her. Not date her. Just sex. 20 22 26 and older guys. I at one moment in her life stood in front 8 men by myself knowing that if it went down I was probably dead. But all these men were different guys that had came against me over her. She watched this take place. She just doesn't know the story behind. I hid things to protect her. So about almost 5 years ago I got into a serious relationship. Things started to shift one and my friends life. My friend had a child. And I experienced the longest most painful relationship of my life. When things started to decline with my relationship. My friend acted a little out of character but this could be nothing. She started literally laughing at everything I said like it was a Dane cook joke. No matter how corny it may have been.I could've said a guy walked into a bar and said that hurt. She would've laughed hysterically. She started dollying up for me for no reason at all. Ladies. Do y'all dolly up to go chill with your best girl friend and have a couple beers at her house when its only gonna be y'all two? Point to make she lost her ID yes she was legal age. But she called me to grab the beer she needed. I get in the car. I'm like WOW. She's dressed like a v.I.p. at a l.a. red carpet show. And flirty as you can be. Never been like that towards me in the whole time we've known each other. Then the break up with my ex. My friend goes down a dark road with this guys she's dating. Ends up in JAIL! Loses her kid. Guess who's been on the with the jail staff for the last week try to arrange anything he can. Letting police know and jail staff know about that guy that took her down the road to her current destination. Who's coming to the rescue again? I don't have to answer. There's a trend to this story. Here's the switch up. A few weeks ago I let all barriers come down and after a decade of friendship I've feel madly deeply in love with her out of the blue. I'm lovesick I didn't know what lovesick was. I looked up some symptoms I having problems with on Google. Lovesick was the first result. Heres an issue. She might not share that feeling. Bigger issue. 2 letters went out to the jail yesterday. From me. One ending with a qoute that o kinda took from a def leopard song. Telling her that no matter what path she takes in life I will always be two steps behind watching over her. And then the other envelope is where it gets deep. She's a big hip hop fan. She doesn't know about 3 years ago I started writing rhyme's.I wrote her and hip hop/ r&b song specially taylored to her current situation my heartbreak I feel because of it . its to deep to go into its a 3 part song but last verse 3rd hook is a love confession. Shell be reading by end of wensday. And just like before my mother is trying tear apart anything between me and my friend that maybe could be more at this point in our lives. Best way to explain. My mother has power of attorney over me and represenative payee through social security. I've got a doctor that doesn't know how to go about the proper way of changing this to grant me my independence. If mY friend did want to give things a chance. My mother will never let it happen. She hates her. She thinks I love her more than I ever did my mom or something because I've fought for this girl so much. My mom is jealous basically. And she doesn't want me to Leave her home. She's says its abandoning her. I ain't impressing my friend living with my mom at almost 29 I tell you that now. She gets out before the 15th of next month or November. I'm basically trapped. Fighting a battle I've won for years and fighting another I've lost for years. But if I don't win the one I been losing this time around. I lose the most important person I've ever known. And ever loved. My mom will make sure of it. She's cutting out all my resources down to she's getting ready to change the WiFi password. I can't use the home phones and she won't pay for me to have cell service. I don't get major help soon. My whole life falls apart. I love this woman more than anything I've ever known and ever loved. And somewhere inside she knows it. When I'm up late at night. I get this really intense feeling. Its almost like I can feel her presence or feel her thibking about. O don't know exactly what it is. It got so intense one night I looked out my front door on my porch because she randomly sat on my porcg at night in our past. I did this knowing she's locked up. There's something going on inside me I can't explain. I'd rather here a spiritual opinion. From a Christian or Jewish professional. Not a doctor. And if anyone in the legal field can get me out of the situation with my mother. Send me a private messege please. I'll explain all . thank you. I don't have much time. If y'all are wondering I did some deep thinking. I'm turning 29 in DEC I'm a Capricorn. She's 22 as of March and a Pisces. We are 7 years apart I have 3 7's within the last 4 digits of my social security number. Food for thought.

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Apparently you didn't read the post correctly. Her life evens out when I'm apart of it. For the almost 5 years I stepped away for the serious relationship. Her life fell apart. I'm the only reason she doesn't have 5 children she can't support because the local DSS office put her on birth control at 12 basically saying hey go have sex its OK. And I'm the reason she doesn't have HIV or hsv because when she made the mistake of contracting climedia. Yes bad spelling. From that friend that introduced us. I burnt the the thought in her mind to use a condom. Guess who started using one. And as for current I explicitly asked for legal and spiritual advice not somebody with an opinion I've heard over and over. That girl would be dead if it won't for me. And in my endeavors protecting her. I know for a fact. I'd be dead if it won't for a higher power standing with me. Professional advice only. I've heard opinions. When you Fall in love with someone and you don't have sexual thoughts about anyone including them. And you stop getting erections. I looked it up. Its a form or dormancy. Or the body saving itself for its partner. Why? Because the longer a male goes without intercourse. The better chance of conception. I can't aroused to save my life. I'm a hypersexual male. That's been me. I fall in love. It starts. So there. Hit me up pastors. Rabbi's and anyone who can get me away from my mom.

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Why do you want to get away from your mom? Do you still live at home?

When you Fall in love with someone and you don't have sexual thoughts about anyone including them. And you stop getting erections. I can't aroused to save my life. anyone who can get me away from my mom.
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