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Anybody else go through the worst breakup in history?


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My first love and I had a horrible breakup! I actually didn't see it coming and I had even bought him a gift. He came over blaming me for all of his unhappiness and calling me names and telling me to go end my life. He even pushed my dog when he came over to greet him wagging his tail.


Needless to say I shoved him out the door and that was that. Six months later I get an email from him telling me in detail how much he hated me.




Twelve years later and if he sees me in a store and I see him he ducks into another aisle to get away. 😂😂 I really wish he could get over himself.


Your ex has some nerve wanting you back!



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All I can say is somehow I survived it. I survived being cheated on several times, lied to and all the emotional abuse. He even told me he hates his new girlfriend and wishes we could get back together. I realize it's just another form of punishment...blah...


Don't understand why you communicate with someone that did all of these things to you! When are you going to learn your lesson? Why haven't you blocked???

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I'm glad you are starting to feel better. The only problem is why is he able to contact you in any way? You shouldn't know whether or not he hates his new gf or whatever. Block this guy. He's put you through hell.


Remember that he's a cheater. This is why he says he hates his gf. If he really hates her then why wouldn't he just leave her? Because he wants to cheat on her with you. He probably said that about you to girls he cheated on you with.


Please block him. Do it for your mental health.

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I actually did go through the worst break-up in history.


I hid serious drug abuse the entire time. Was responsible for the loss of what she held dearest to her heart and telling her the hardest thing I have ever. We cried for 6 hours.


Then I left her because I thought living an illegal life would be better.


Realizing It wasn't and I wanted her back Despite the arguing, I came back. Only for her to find out about my dr Jekyll, mr hyde life via my facebook msgs.


She said get the f out.


I spiralled into drug addiction/bi polar, got hit by a semi truck, compusively texted her begging for kindness, she showed NONE. Said I was "obsessed" when I was only trying to be kind.


After two months of Hell on Earth.


I saw a Dr, got on an anti-depressant and mood stabilizer, kicked my drug habit cold turkey, she continued to be cruel and not support me.


I decided "hey enough is enough"; I had been through far worse and am over it now. Plus she defiled my name to her parents who hate me, friends who hate me; it simply isn't fair because my demons are mine, not to be divulged to every person who will listen.


But my story is a story of Hope. Not self-pity. Today marks Day 7 of No contact. And I am not breaking it. If she wants to talk, I told her I am always here, but I have 0 expectations, have killed all Hope, and I am working on me. False hope prolongs the healing.


And my relationship experience shows, reconciliation usually ends the same way as it did before, because even though I make better life choices; her cruelty is unbelievable to me, a week before we split, we were talking marriage.


If you truly loved someone, and they're suffering as a result of how you treat them, and you refuse to be kind; then it wasn't love. And further, if she does come back, she doesn't deserve a 2nd chance in my book. It's unlikely I can ever accept how she abandoned me in my Darkest Hour. But there is Light on the Horizon and it is with no contact.


Sometimes what we think we want, after getting it through blood, sweat, and tears, turns out to be a curse in the Long Run. I have accepted this is God's Will because: I have never been healthier, nor 100% clean in a long, long time.


Is losing her worth gaining my Soul and Humanity back?


Absolutely 100% it is. I was killing myself. Love couldn't fix it. Through suffering, I am healing myself.

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