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Should I message him?


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Just need to get everyone's opinion on whether I should message this guy or not. I haven't mentioned it on these forums yet but I'm a HUGE horror fan since I was ten years old (I'm 31 now). I watch A LOT of horror and get involved in A LOT of horror events. I'm always looking for more friends that like horror too. The past couple of years I've been going to "horror film society" movie screenings.


At last week's screening I sat next to and chatted to a guy there who seemed nice and he's a really big horror fan just like me. He looked a lot older than me (maybe in his mid 50's) but I actually thought he was handsome. He said that he had only just moved to my city a couple of weeks ago from another state, he lived on a rural farm there. He seemed to not have any partner or kids with him because he said he was living in a hostel on his own.


We were talking about horror events and I said he should check some out that I'm going to. He asked for my number and he rang my phone to give me his number. He didn't actually message me after that and I didn't see him at the horror movie screening this week.


So I'm thinking, would it be OK to message him and try get a conversation going? Or would it be a bit weird because he didn't message me after getting my number? I gotta be honest, I did find him attractive. I know he's a lot older than me but I actually like older guys. But at the same time I also really don't mind just to make a new friend who's really into horror too. There's a new horror movie at the cinemas now and I was thinking to invite him if we chat a bit by text first. Good idea or not?

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