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How to start...hmm.


I'm in a serious relationship, we've been together for nearly two years now. I moved from Kent to Lancashire to be with my girlfriend and child. I'm really in love with my girlfriend and trust she wouldn't cheat. My issue is her ex, they are still close friends. I knew this when I first got with her. I don't know if I'm worried so much that they'd get back together. They were together for 8 years, they tried to get pregnant and it was even in the national paper. Her ex is in a relationship with a man and they've been together since before I met my girlfriend. I'm not worried about her ex, I'm worried about my girlfriend and if she still has strong feelings for her, stronger than what she has for me...I've spoken to her about it and we ended up having a massive argument over it. This argument happened a few months ago but it still bugs me. She mentions her at least twice a day, speaks to her everyday and sees her most weeks. Shes always quite interested in her life too. She told me she doesn't love her anymore and has no feelings but her actions state otherwise. For eg, shes always happy after she's spoken or seen her. She seems to show more interest and excitement towards her exs child than ours. She had an old Facebook account which I'm assuming she had while with hee ex, publicly I could see two pics of those kissing, of course I confronted her about this and she said she hasn't got round to deleting it.

I get on quite well with her ex. I don't see her ex as a threat.

I've moved over 200 miles for this girl, left my family, friends and job. I'm not regretting it as such, just questioning whether she loves me as much as she says and if she still loves her ex.

How do I overcome these thoughts and is it just in my mind?

I love this girl so much and she's my whole world. I do everything I can for her and it doesn't seem enough or as good as her ex

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