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He dropped the L word bomb this weekend


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Excellent. Do you think he's sincere? How did you respond? Doesn't this follow the discussion of being exclusive and commencing intimacy?


I do believe he is sincere. I think he was close a couple of weeks ago when I was at his apartment. I've had a feeling it was coming just based on a conversation that night. But he still surprised me Friday night when he said it. We were sitting on my couch watching Star Wars, and he was rubbing my arm and BOOM, he dropped it. I was like "you do"? lol. and I said it back and I do feel that way. I freaking cried the last time I left his place. So I guess I thought I'd be a little more emotional when he did say it. and it's freaking me out that I am not reacting the way I thought I would.

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My current Bf dropped the l bomb at 2 months (lol right after I gave him a BJ). It seemed genuine (and was) but I was sorta skeptical and figured it was just that initial infatuation talking. I thought, we'll see what happens 2 months from now. But he was sincere, I reciprocated at 4 months in, I wasn't feeling it when he initially told me and I told him that.


So take it at face value for now, but keep in mind that it could just be hormonal. Keep in mind that things could change a few months from now when the bloom is off the rose. And say it back if and when you genuinely feel it

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Yeah, I mean it's fine to me, how soon people say I love you depends on the relationship and how soon they think they love you... if it's a mutual thing and you do love him I wouldn't worry about your reaction, as long as the feeling is there. Plus you were taken by surprise. If you are both happy, just go with it

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