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I don't understand women


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Hi everyone,


Girlfriend of 4 years broke up with me about 5 months ago. We're in our late 20s. Tried everything to get her back and failed. I then finally kicked off no contact. Cut all ties. particularly via blocking her and all her friends on social media. We're in different states too so we could never bump into each other


During no contact I started to get "bread crumbs" from her. Watched her post on my cousins instagram pics, unblock me on whatsapp (she had blocked me there), look me up on linked in, comment where I would on ig, etc etc. You get the idea.


Long story short, I decided it was time to break no contact. I sent her a whatsapp msg, she responded to it a week later with a very stale or rather bland response. I decided to wait a few days after that till I responded. After i sent my next friendly response she immediately blocked me...


What is going on?


Anything I can do to salvage this? I still have felings for her

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What was the breakup about? Were you always long distance? It sounds like she was ok with friendzone but does not want to reconcile.


What did your message say? At this point it's best to go no contact and ignore any breadcrumbs.

We're in different states .After i sent my next friendly response she immediately blocked me.
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The break up was a series of fights and probably a mix of being long distance. There wasn't one huge event that caused the break up ie like cheating or something. We weren't always long distance because she went to school in my state.


Her msg just said she's doing well, her family is too, life is great and she's as happy as can be. My response to that was basically saying how I'm happy to hear all is well with her and asked how work has been blah blah. I Kept it generic and happy

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seems legit man don't think it was a breadcrumb to start off with you were right to hold on to no "contact rule" if she wanted you back or something in that lane you would know and she would tell you. if you feel like your running toward a fake river of hope stop and take a path which you feel good with.

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What happened is quite simple. You broke up, then you chased like crazy, which fed her ego, then you stopped. She didn't throw you breadcrumbs at all, just sniffed around to see why you stopped feeding her ego, as in gasp....did he actually move on from magnificent me so fast? Then you contacted her and answered her question, no, no you didn't and you fed her ego while you are at it. Curiosity satisfied, ego boosted, she is still moving on and she still doesn't want you in her life as a bf.


Do yourself a favor and stay NC and keep blocking her on everything until you are truly over her and never again fall for the bs. 99.99999999% when someone ends things, especially in a long term relationship, they really really meant it. It hurts, but it hurts even more to keep trying and getting rejected over and over. Much easier to say to yourself that you deserve someone who actually wants you and move on so you can find her.

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I messaged an ex who I didn't want to get back with. I did it because I was living in a new city and was feeling lonely. He didn't respond right away (it took him months actually) and by the time he did reply I'd forgotten that I'd messaged him. And I'd also forgotten why I did such a dumb thing.


I didn't want him back. I just felt lonely and wanted someone to talk to. I didn't want an ego boost and I didn't want to confirm that he still wanted me. I just felt lonely.


Maybe she was just having a lonely few days.

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Thanks for the responses everyone . I really appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out.


I wish I could come up with something or do something to lead to us getting back together. Based on your responses though, seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I guess I have no choice but to resume no contact and push to move on.


If anyone does come up with anything creative, do let me know

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