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what does this mean - co worker


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what does it mean when a girl (a work colleague) you accidentally bum into outside of work (at a bar) and says "how on earth did He get a girl like you" to your girlfriend when you introduce them both?



reminds me of this seinfeld episode:


scene #1: a couple runs into the gang at the coffee shop:

GEORGE: (Laughs slightly) A physician married to a salesman. (Chuckles) Well, I gotta tell you, Beth, you coulda done a lot better than him.


(George and Elaine both laugh out loud. Beth and David look at each other, taking in the awkward moment)


the couple ended up breaking up

later scene:

(Jerry and Beth)


BETH: It was nice to get your call.


JERRY: Well, I just want you to know I'm there for you. Course now I'm here for you, but when i'm not here for you, i'm there for you.


BETH: (Laughing) Well where ever you are i appreciate it.


JERRY: So how did this all happen?


BETH: Well actually, it had a lot to do with George's comment.


JERRY: (stunned) Is that right?


BETH: I thought maybe i could do better.


JERRY: Maybe, maybe


BETH: Well it wasn't just that, i realized after 3 years of marriage that David's little quirks were getting on my nerves a little.


JERRY: (agreeing) well three years is a long time to be married.


BETH: Like in the middle of our fight last night he did this thing that he always does where he asks questions to himself, aloud. And then answers them.


later still:


(Elaine and David enter Monk's, George is very surprised)


GEORGE: Oh uh hi Hi, David


DAVID: Hi George


GEORGE: Elaine




GEORGE: Listen uh, David, I, I, I want to apologize about that comment


DAVID: (interrupting) George please, please I'm fine.


GEORGE: Oh ya, This is my fiance, Susan. This is David


SUSAN: David


DAVID: Oh fiance. Boy you coulda done a lot better than him. (Susan laughs) Come on Elaine lets go.


(Susan starts pondering something, George notices and has a big smirk on his face)


(Scene Ends)

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