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My Boyfriend has been making me feel guilty and jelous

Tami Selby

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My boyfriend is currently out of the county on a trip with his family and since then has been making me feel guilty about anything and everything that doesnt suit him, from little discussions blowing into full arguments about what he doesnt "like" making me feel guilty, Every man has his insecurities but I dont know if this starting to become manipulation or just jelousy.

on top of that he had the nerve to tell me one of his 'girl' friends is desperate for sex and wants to have sex with him beacuse he's "nice".I dont know if hes trying to get me to the point of ending this relationship but its getting sure as hell close...am I overreacting? (this is not the first time hes told me things like this, even though I asked him the first time he did it to stop telling me.)

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