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What a week....


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I can honestly say that I've never been so glad to see the back of a week so much in my life. Finding out my ex had someone new 2 days after we had met for the first time in a while, finding out someone I was close with died unexpectedly, being off work as my anxiety was crippling me & my childhood dog fell ill. I often think that the 'powers that be' test you from time to time.


They try to throw you off, test your strength & your ability to bounce back. I don't think I've bounced back just yet but I did go to the gym for the first time in a week yesterday. I'm catching up with friends this weekend.


I think you have to make your peace with any situation Thrown at you. That inner peace where you don't question everything, you don't seek the answers to said questions, you refocus what your life is & where you want it to be.


Most importantly, you don't fight change. Change is good, empowering. Scary at first but there's nothing you can't handle if you really put your mind to it. Feel what your feeling, understand why you're feeling that way & carry on with your life. Just some thoughts I'd like to share as I'm leaving this week behind

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