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Better evening/ still confused


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I did not hear a word from him knowing my dad had heart surgery today. However, ultimately it ended up being a better day. My dad's surgery went well. I am now a blonde head and it looks great. My best friend of 10 years that I thought I lost due to this break up/ relationship messaged me and said she was sorry too and that she will always be my best friend. I cried when I read that. She said she just wanted me to get help and become to person she knows me to be. So, it turned out to be an okay day. I sent my last message to my ex saying I was sorry. I will always care about you and did truly adore and loved you, expressed why I was so hurt in a calm manner, expressed that I am getting help to be better and that I was sorry again and that I hoped he didn't hate me forever and that we could be friends eventually. It was all true except that the fact he didn't say anything about my dad's heart surgery stung a bit. I'm not sure I can trust him again after today to be a friend. I don't know. And the crazy thing is that I am taking all the blame when he did some really really ty things to me, but I don't care. I want peace. It's just family is huge to me and he knows how close I am to my dad and the fact he didn't say anything probably would further scar any future. I just don't know where a bottom line should exist. We invested esp well really I invested so much, but that is really cruel. I don't know what anyone else thinks about that.

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Marie darling, you really need to delete his number.


It's wonderful that your dad's surgery went well, and that you and your friend reconciled. Let those be your private joys.


Your ex isn't and shouldn't be part of those. Please, stop finding reasons to contact him. I feel for you, as you create new threads almost every day. Your pain is palpable. But you seem to be hanging on to old expectations. He isn't messaging you about your dad because he knows it would give you false hopes. I am sure he wishes you and your family well, but he is doing the right thing by not contacting you at all. If you'd received a message from him, I don't think you could have simply thanked him and then dropped it. He knows this, too. And so, you won't hear from him.


Take care of yourself. Delete and block him. You won't ever be able to recover and heal your heart until you do.

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