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Need some real help here


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So I've been recently meeting this guy (who i have mutual friends with). He seemed interested in me so my friends asked me to give him a chance. I was not really attracted to him much.


Now I've met him on a few dates, getting to know each other. Hes funny, sweet, and very keen on getting married (we are both in our thirties).


But heres the thing. I'm not that attracted to him. I mean i can see hes a great guy but physically i dont think I'm naturaly drawn to him. Hes not unattractive but i don't find him good looking. But then looks aren't everything and sometimes it develops...


Right now I've been trying to figure out how i feel about him, but I'm just blank.. . I noticed i dont care how i look on dates, I'm very casual and myself, and I'm not nervous around him . I feel happy to spend time with him or talk to him but no butterflies. I do have fun and he treats me very well. A gentleman. And i really like that.


We are very different in our personalities, complete opposites, hes the wild guy whos had his fun and is naughty in general whereas I'm the introverted behaved shy person yet somehow he seems very into me.


I can't keep meeting him and stringing him along yet i think i might miss out on someone awesome.


What do i do?

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You don't "feel it" and that's ok. Had you only been on one date with him I would say give him one more shot, in case something develops, but since you've been on a few dates and still feel 'blank', I'd say you will need to let this one go and keep searching.

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