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What to do? Help me out big time pls <3


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Hi all i want to say thank you for taking some time to look my story up i'll try to keep it short.


So me and my girlfriend are together for like 4 months. I'm 21 and she is still in highschool having 17 years old must say from the start how i actually meet her.

We first started talking on facebook and at that point in time she was having a boyfriend but she never posted any pictures with him , hmm i guess he wanted to keep it that way. So 2 weeks later i checked on her again just to find out that she is no longer with that boy (he was 19 or something like that). I was kinda happy u know i kinda knew it was my turn to act...i invited her to go out have a chat , drink , whatever (i did it nicely ofc). At first she says yeah and we keept on doing this for one week ... after one week we still didnt had the strong "connection" or courage to go out and see each other lol i know...(i mean it was on her...she didn't really cared that much).

Ok so few days later took my car and just driving trough city with my musing blasting cause thats how i like it... and she saw me and she imediatelly catch fire for me...parked my car near a park place and she saw my car and stayed in the park until i returned form my car (i was in a bar o something) ...


The rest are details i just wanted to make it clear how it all started ... witch i guess is not really good lol ..

I noticed i first she really likes attention from other boys and all that , she loves to make me feel jealous ... also posting almost everything on insta or facebook. She loves to be in center of attention and all that ... it doesnt matter if she has no ideea what is about .. shes gonna be there!

Also she loves to say : Oh look thats "David" , oh loook thats "2nd pers" , ohh look thats " 3rd"...u get it

I talked to her and we almost brakeup because she sayed she cant really be happy is she changes and i know she cant change ..

BUT GOD it takes out my nervs ... yeah i know... because i love her and im trying to make it work..

Today she posted a photo with glasses and we saw eachother later in the day just to say that everyone in the classroom calls her "Mia khalifa" (porn star) and she LIKES IT OF COURSE...


Now i need your advice cause i can go on with examples big time...


Got her a wallet and she once told me that has something for her ex in that wallet and if he evers gonna call her she is gonna go and give it to him...


Talk to me real and give my all advice you got

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