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Dating a month, he's not interested in sex


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Met this great guy. We've been dating, regularly for about a month. Things are great with chemistry and everything else. We've had a couple overnight dates, and things are good up until we get to the point of actual sex. For lack of a better phrase, we are both "taken care of in that way ", but he wants to wait on actual sex. Any thoughts on why a guy would hold off on that but not everything else? It's not an issue with me, just curious if it's a "he's not that into me" thing or if he's just taking things slow for another reason .. Thoughts?

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How old are you both?

I don't see the problem. Not everyone wants to jump into that right away. Have you brought it up neutrally or expressed that you are ready? Are there any religious reasons he may have?

Regardless, unless it is bugging you whats the rush? Sex is just sex, and as you are saying you do other sexual things. He could have a bad expeirence, wants to take things slower this time round, could be personal reasons. You won't know unless you ask, but since you are still intimate I'd hardly say it has ANYTHING to do with his level of interest. Ha. Men stick their s in women they have zero interest in every day. Consider yourself special

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He could have an STD and he isn't ready to disclose that...


This sounds like a possibility.


I would've said he just wanted to take things slow if you hadn't been sexual at all, but it sounds like you had been but he just want to wait on the actual sex, which is odd.

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coming from personal experience, I recently was dating a girl for a month and we hadn't had sex until I asked her if she is attracted to me that way and mentioned that I am willing to wait until "whenever" it happens because I've been used as a rebound before (sex 2 times a day for 4 months then broken up with) so that's why I don't make the first move...she broke up with me a week later.. so I don't know what's the deal.

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