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Turning into a Negative Nancy. Please help.


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It's been 1-2 months since my toxic relationship ended. I had been coping but now I am in nursing school and am working about 4-5 days a week. I was doing fine until this weekend I just felt so dead and unmotivated. I spent a day sleeping in, watching shows but it still hasn't changed for me.

I do feel lonely sometimes but at the same time don't feel like going out anywhere with a friend.


Today that empty feeling turned to anger. I became extremely irritable and just feel angry and bothered by anyone. I'm not relaxed or positive.


Is it the stress from school? Maybe the pain from my wisdom tooth? Is it feeling alone?

How do I get past this feeling? I feel like doing nothing and am so demotivated and just in a negative mood all the time.

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Well if your wisdom tooth is giving you pain, you'd best get that taken out, first of all...


I'm a year out of a toxic relationship and I still often feel the same as you. Sometimes my entire weekends consist of staying in, sleeping 4 hours a night, then trying to sleep the rest of the day.


But this weekend I'm trying something a coworker mentioned: Decluttering. I know it sounds weird coming from a guy but I spent 6 hours today doing it, threw away five shopping carts full of stuff and just got started. My place feels a bit more "zen" now, if that makes any sense?


Other than that, I've forced myself to get out and do a hobby that helps me interact with other people. Just talking to people, not like I gotta hang with them or anything.


You're only 1-2 months out, it's normal to feel this way. Heck, getting out of bed to do laundry is a chore sometimes still. But don't push yourself too hard, you'll get there bit by bit.

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I've been feeling like you also. I usually have projects or stuff that I could do. When I'm in a relationship I just don't have the time. You would think being single I'd be super productive. Hasn't been the case. I have been doing this though. Make simple plans for the day and try to get at least that done. It makes me feel better when I accomplish the task. Feel better

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