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The end of a chapter

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First time I've ever wrote in something like this but looking back the year of 2016 has really been the worst year of my life


I'll kick it off with I was with a girl for 2 1/2 years and things were looking great. We were building a house together near the beach and it was everything I had dreamed of. Going back to April I bought an engagement ring that I got handmade for personal reasons and never got the chance to ask, litterally three days after I purchased the diamonds I got a phone call of her saying she doesn't know about our relashionship, my bday was coming up and we were heading to Bali, we had some talk over there but something seemed off, I work away from home for a week or 2 at a time and was trying to get the money together so when the house was built we could settle down, I'm 27 and thought I had met the one we were in love, after Bali my sister got married and we went to the wedding together, we flew back home and I said to her let me come home I'll leave my job so we can sort this out she didn't agree, few months of her saying I don't know and me getting back in pressuring her it didn't feel right, my step dad got diagnosed with bone cancer when I flew back in from work and she said she wanted space and that the house was finished una week. I went home and saw the family only to get the news that she doesn't want to be with me and that I can't move into the new home, she did do a lot of the work as I was away but to get that thrown in your face was harsh, I flew back had lunch with her to do it in person and that was the last time I saw her, it's been 5 weeks and she still msges me now and then but when I write back I get nothing in return or that I'm going about it the wrong way, I guess the damage has been done as to how can I ever have this person in my life when I care for her but get peanuts back, any help would be highly appreciated as I've been left with my car and some bags and some money that I earnt and saved to move in. I'm suffering high depression and anxious about what to do next.

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Awful. I am very sorry for all of this.


She did not give you any reason? Something is really off.


I would only continue to communicate if it is in regards to any financial matters. That's it. Do not continue to rub salt into the wound, by entertaining her occasional texts. The texts either help her move on to another guy, or allow her to believe she is not the POS, she is.

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