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I was with a guy for roughly 2 years... Long story short.. He cheated on me numerous amount of time, got an std from another girl and lied about it for almost a year, he abused me mentally and emotionally, treated me really badly not to mention how he spoke to me. He lied about where he went to school etc.. and to top it off, he broke my heart into pieces.. he lied to me about everything. I was a really good gf, I never told him no. He was my first basically. He torn my life apart making me very depressed and sucidial at just 18. I really suffered because of him and he only seemed to care when I threatened to break up with him. We are broken up now and I've started no contact for about a week and I'm gonna keep it going. I'm feeling alot better since praying about the situation and leaving it to God but do u think Karma will get him??? Will he get what he did to me?

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Do your parents know you were with an abuser like this?


You are not a "good girlfriend' at all. Good girlfriends have self respect they do not let guys use them as punching bags and receptacles for stds. Do not brag about how abused you were, it's not a badge of honor.


Talk to your parents or responsible adults about getting therapy for your poor self esteem. Also go no contact and block this guy. He didn't 'do this to you" You did this to yourself by not getting rid of him.

He cheated on me numerous amount of time, got an std from another girl and lied about it he abused me mentally and emotionally.He torn my life apart making me very depressed and sucidial at just 18.
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It sounds like a tough situation to be in and I hope that you continue to heal and move forward stronger than ever.


That being said, why do you want to see him hurting? Why would you want someone to feel the same pain that you did? Would that make you feel better? I know it's hard at this point and you're hurting but wishing ill on someone won't solve anything. Any temporary satisfaction could potentially be overpowered by guilt and remorse.


If your ex has a history of abuse, lying and cheating then unfortunately he's going to make a path of destruction for himself. Be grateful that he is out of you life. He did you a favor. You may not see it now, but I hope that someday you will.


Are you in counseling? If not, perhaps you should think about going. It can work wonders.


Wishing you well.

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Okay well you'll probably not like what I have to say here, but here we go:


First, I'm so sorry you went through that. He sounds like a terrible person, and it sounds like you should go see a counselor or therapist to help you understand why you stayed with him for so long even though he treated you so terribly. Secondly, I'm glad you broke up with him and I hope you stay no contact. I'm glad you feel better, too. That's all great news. Here comes the part you won't like: God didn't and won't do anything for you because he doesn't exist, and if he did, why would he have let you suffer so much in the first place? If praying helps you feel better that's great, keep doing it. But you're the one who gained the strength to break up with him, and you're the one with the strength to endure this pain and keep going, not God. Give yourself the credit you deserve. Also, a belief in a Christian God and karma are pretty opposing things, and karma doesn't exist. Unfortunately, karma will not get him. He may or may not suffer in the future, but regardless, you should work on getting yourself to a place where you wouldn't want to wish suffering on anyone, even if they hurt you. You need to keep searching for the strength within yourself and focus on that, forget about getting even.


One other thing not related to the rest of the stuff: you said you were a really good girlfriend and you never told him no. Why would you never tell him no? It sounds like you set yourself up to be taken advantage of, I hope you learned that you need to have boundaries in a relationship, and respect.

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