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I don't know what to do

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So I'm in a relationship with this girl. It started out with just sweet text messages over and over for a like a month. She lives an hour and a half away so we meet up. Have coffee it goes great. Next date were just having fun at the park. I have so much in common with this girl, like I like her a lot even though we haven't been together that long I feel a connection. So I asked her to be my girlfriend, it goes great, she says yes and we're planning dates and sending sweet text messages. But slowly those text messages stop. I went from getting several text messages to a few a day. Then a few to like one. Then yesterday we didn't even text. Did I do something wrong? I don't want to lose her this is the first time I've had a connection like this.

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Unfortunately she may have lost interest and moved on to someone local. Texting gets very boring,old and annoying compared to dating in real life. Perhaps you should date someone locally also.


Just lay back and see if she contacts you. Texting is not dating and texting is not a connection.

It started out with just sweet text messages over and over for a like a month. But slowly those text messages stop.Then yesterday we didn't even text.
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Do you have any more dates planned? If so, don't worry. Just see how it goes, and relax. When we first meet someone we have a connection with, we tend to go really overboard with all the contact - which just naturally peters out. This happens with most couples and is nothing to worry about. It just means your relationship has found its natural rhythm, and you're really starting to get to know each other.


However, if you haven't anything planned and there's no more contact, leave it a week or so and then start looking around again.

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How long have you been dating? And when did she slowly start to stop texting you? Also, how old are you?


I wouldn't say you did anything wrong, but it's hard to tell given the little information we have. I think maybe she's either busy or simply doesn't like texting that much. I know for me, when I'm texting a new guy I like, I'll text him often for the first few months, then I'll eventually ween off because I honestly don't like texting that much and I think it's a huge distraction from my day-to-day life. Maybe it's just that?


You should call her maybe. See what's up. Do you ever video chat or just text? Since you live 1.5 hours away, maybe you ought to try other forms of communication like talking on the phone or video chatting to keep the interest alive. Texting is boring and annoying like Wiseman said.

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I'm sorry vivian... there is the possibility that she could have her mind on other things. However, I don't want to give you false hope. If I were to bet, it's that she's lost interest, especially since the distance precludes you from spending more time together. Even if it isn't the distance, "not everyone is for everyone". Meaning just because it doesn't work out with you two, doesn't mean there isn't someone else there for you.


We're here for you.

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