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Your celebrity crush


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Jason Momoa and Jensen Ackles


(GASP!) These guys:


aka Khal Drogo (Game of Throans) AND Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester (Supernatural)


I have other ones, but yeah most people don't hear about those. I do not find Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt to be crushworthy though. Nah, nope.


And yes of course Vin Deisel for his voice alone although the arms and pecs don't hurt. But primarily in his Pitch Black role (not the later films with that character, which were kinda terrible).

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Emilia Clarke, and Shakira... oh my word I cannot even think straight.


Shakira was always one of my favorites. People would tease me at work. My cubicle had pics of her everywhere. All the Spanish I learned was because of her and The Mars Volta lol


But then came Milana....must be the freckles, lol.

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