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post breakup frustration...


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i split up with my ex girlfriend a couple months ago when she became depressed and needed to be alone. aside from that at the very end, it was a pretty great year and a half with her. now i have this weird feeling ever since and its not the normal feelings of post-breakup sadness as i barely even think about her anymore. while of course i was upset over the loss, this is more of an emotionally drained feeling. i have had relationships end in the past and cant really recall feeling this same way. i have a pretty busy life with work and a few social things here and there, but ultimately i just feel like im emotionally frazzled and alone, when i am far from alone. its a weird feeling and hard to explain. i can go out with friends and do things and socialize and be okay and feel happy but as soon as that distraction stops, i just feel tired and hollowed out. i feel no motivation or confidence. a beautiful girl could fall into my life tomorrow and i dont know that i could sustain anything.


has anyone had anything like this happen to them? and what can i/should i do to help?


i think i need a serious pep talk.



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Maybe you are just in need of some single time ... It is a huge chunk of life to miss when you take away dating , flirting , getting a phone number , filling your mind with all the aspects of been with someone . It sounds to me like you have just had enough of the drama of relationships and endings then back to starting out and endings again ..

It is time to possibly allow the feelings of loneliness in , I know it is cheesy to say , but sometimes we need to find ourselves . Maybe this is the universe nudging you to just be you and be at peace with who you are and what you are about , to be cleansed and enriched to once again get back out into the world of dating/sex etc .

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It sounds like you did a lot of grieving before the breakup and now are in that sort of numb state. Good you are keeping busy and carrying on.


Soon you will be ready to date when that woman falls into your life.

a beautiful girl could fall into my life tomorrow



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