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Close to self harm again

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Hey butterfly, thanks for posting. I'm so sorry you are hurting.


People cut for different reasons, but in many cases it's an attempt to obtain some sort of relief from emotional pain. When you receive a physical injury, the brain releases chemicals to ease your suffering. Emotional injuries are not accompanied by this kind of release -- but cutting can trigger it, and the chemicals help both physical and emotional pain.


I don't know what kind of emotional pain you are dealing with, but cutting will give you temporary relief at best. If you can address the source of your pain, in therapy or with medication or in other ways, you can find permanent relief. Doesn't that sound preferable?


Big hugs, girl.

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Been here before, it is an absolute nightmare... who do you have in the way of support...? When I was doing it my parents' reaction was always to blame people I associated with, burying their heads in the sand a little bit... or simply didnt want to accept I'd been suffering post-traumatic stress since the age of 7. Do you have anybody you can go to...?

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