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I'm scared, please help me..


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I have been dating this girl for 8 months, I know it might not seem like a lot but it's the longest and most serious relationship I've ever been in. For the first time I felt completly comfortable with someone, like I could be myself with no fears and tell her all my fears and all my secrets.. And for 8 months I did just that, we spent everyday together (mainly because we live right next to each other), we went on holidays to France and Germany, she met my parents, I met hers.. Again I say, this might all be normal stuff but to me it wasn't, it was amazing because for the first time I had something serious. Everything was always absolutly wonderful, of course, we had some fights every now and then but we always worked it out. This week, however, college started for me, and on monday I was hanging out with her after school at my house, I was feeling tired from college and also some what sick and weak, but we were just laying in bed, but still, for the first time ever in 8 months I felt like I didn't want her to be there.. The first time I ever felt that with her. Since that happened, 4 days ago, I haven't thought about anything else, it's literally killing me, I keep thinking about weather or not that means I'm starting to lose interest in her.. The day after that happened I was with her again after school and I didnt't feel that again, and then the day after that I spent the whole day with her and I didnt't even think about that, I had such a great time with her, as always.. But yesterday we spent some time together again and I also felt just dead tired and I didnt't really wasn't enjoying being with her.. Whenever I'm alone (and even when I'm not) I keep thinking about this, I have cried my eyes out, yesterday I didnt even eat.. Am I overthinking this..? What does this mean..? Just up until last week nothing of this had ever happened, I had been over the moon with happiness for 8 months straight.. How can I just lose interest all of a sudden..? I dont want to not love her, she's the best thing that has ever happened to me.. Today is her bday even.. Idk what to do anymore Please help me guys...

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You're human! We all get tired and feel the need to be alone with ourselves. There's nothing wrong with that at all. If anything, it makes the time you spend together more special when you're feeling a bit brighter and not so tired. It's a good thing that you like your own space. Enjoy it! Have a relaxing week, chuck X

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It sounds like college is stressing you out and you are wondering if you have the time and energy to continue the relationship at the intense rate that you have been.


It's simple, stop hanging out so much and get some rest and attend to your college workload.

This week, however, college started for me. I also felt just dead tired and I didnt't really wasn't enjoying being with her.. How can I just lose interest all of a sudden.
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