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My Girlfriend Needs To Focus on Herself?


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So my girl friend and I recently got back together after breaking up 3 months ago. We broke up three months ago because she was conflicted due to her emotions because of her period. Which then led to her being confused and a mess. As a result of that, she decided to take a break from the relationship and we ended up breaking up. One month ago we started talking again and our feelings were brought up. We talked about how we felt and we decided to get back together. Fast forward 3 weeks later after she had her period, she felt like her life was in a mess and that she wanted to be alone and focus on herself. This was her true reason for breaking up again along with she felt it was unfair for me to wait for her while she is focusing on herself. I am very understanding and through all the things she has done I've stayed through her with all of it. I tried to come to an agreement with her. I first said that let's not break up. Please let me stay so I can support you through this but she thought it was unfair and cared about my happiness when my happiness lied with her. I then said that I wanted to wait for her and then once it was all over then we could get back together but she said no. She didn't want me to wait because she didn't know when she would get her mess together and that it wasn't fair. So then I said that I was willing to take a break and not wait for her. I would just go on my own and if I found someone else than that was that. But if I didn't, then when she was done she would come back and talk to me. She made the excuse that she might not like me in 1 month despite still having feelings after 2 months of being broken up. From an insider source, she is intentionally being mean to me so I can stop liking her and be happy because she wasn't making me happy due to focusing on herself. I know she still loves me. Two nights ago she told me that she loved me and clearly expressed it. Today she gave me a hug and seemed to by crying in my arm for 15 seconds. She doesn't seem like she wants to do this. Why is she doing this? Can someone please explain to me why she is doing this and what I should do? Also a possible outcome of all this?

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Run from this menstruating monster. She's got MAJOR issues and she's blaming them on her period. Yeah, PMS is a thing, but if every girl went through stuff like this no relationship would last longer than 3 weeks. This seems more like bipolar than PMS. Whatever the cause, whatever your feelings for her, she's treating you like sh*t and you shouldn't put up with it for another second.

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I know that. It's not her period but she does have mood swings. But everything is different when she's fine. I want to know what will come out of all this. I don't feel like . The only reason why I feel like is because she decided to break up with me. She broke up with me because I told her that I was feeling down. What the...

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Stay away from her, OP.


This is not all because of her period. She knows it, too. But it's a semi-believable excuse that you seem to buy, so she goes with it. I have had hundreds in my life, and while they can mess with your moods, not once has it ever caused me to question a relationship.


She has told you to move on. Listen to her. She's not into the relationship the same way you are.

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My pms ALWAYS make me question my relationships, my life, my job. I've broken up with boyfriends during PMS time more than a few times. Finally I put the two together and now I am aware of the effect it has on me so I aim for space during pms. Having said that I have yet to have a relationship with the RIGHT guy ....so sometimes I wonder if during PMS time it simply becomes intolerable to me whereas during regular time I can blind myself to the incompatibility?

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Sorry to say but 'need to find myself', 'need space' or 'pms' or whatever are just excuses to breakup.


Saying i love you...but i need to breakup' etc is just letting you down easy. If she loved you she would be working on the relationship not breaking up.


She wants to break up so you need to leave her alone and stop trying to fix her supposed problem.


It sounds like she may be interested in/starting to see someone else. Often that goes hand in hand with the 'confused" and "find myself" type breakup lines. Back off and move on, don't be friendzoned. Go no contact and block.

this was her true reason for breaking up again along with she felt it was unfair for me to wait for her while she is focusing on herself.
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