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What do I do?


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I went to the gym with my friend Brian because I had just moved to town and needed to sign up to one. So he says "come to (x) and while your their maybe I can have you meet this girl I have been talking to" so I said okay. We go in their and I see this girl at the desk...drop dead beautiful, I felt like a fish out of water. Anyway to make a long story short I ended up signing up to this gym after my work out and I was lingering around the protein bar with my friend Brian and his friend jess...well jess was being really smiley and secretive with me and wouldn't tell me why. So she said to text Brian when I leave and she will tell him. So I did. Come to find out this girl that practically made my heart skip a beat said I was attractive to jess.

Jess told me to take it slow,she just got out of a bad relationship. So I have been having small talk with her at the gym for about 3 days like couple.mins here and there,mind you she has no idea that I know she said that. On day 3 after trying to talk to her I caught her while she was working out and decided to try and talk with her again and it lasted all of 30 secs before she put her ear buds back in. Did she lose interest? Is she in the workout Zone? Should I ask her out or not? What do I do?!?!

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Two negatives:

Your friend is interested - not cool

She just got out of a bad relationship - emotionally unavailable


Be a better friend, and find another girl.

I believe there's a misunderstanding....there is 2 girls...jess (Brian's friend which he was going to introduce me to) and this girl I'm crushing on. Brian doesn't know the girl I'm crushing on

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Unfortunately that's not a good sign, no matter what your friends think/told you.


Going up to women in the gym who are working out is not in good form anyway.


Lay back and take it easy rather than going for the approach at inappropriate times or places.

it lasted all of 30 secs before she put her ear buds back in.


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