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My ex partner and I have been broken up for a few weeks now. We had our issues of arguing and she couldn't handle it and didn't know what she wanted. It broke my heart badly but I've come to terms with it and understand.

One thing I can't seem to shake is her sex drive was extremely low we wouldn't do it that often, She blamed her anti depressants and hormones which I know can do it. But I keep feeling like it was me she didn't enjoy it with me. However when we did do it she would always orgasm bar a few times, Her eyes would always roll around like she was being possessed, And it was always very wet. And she would tell me she loves it and it was never me, After it was over we would just lay there and hold each other

. I mean they are tell tale signs it wasn't me but I can't shake that it was indeed me, mainly because she was my first which she told me she didn't believe I was a virgin after the first time.

I'm stressing myself out for future relationships, Do I have anything to stress about here?!

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