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Reconnected with a old friend...and ended up falling for him.


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I've never had to use a site like this before, so sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I am not used to forum sites.


To give this some background, I had a online friend when I was very young. We would play video games, voice chat, video chat. All that jazz. His name is Danny. At this time, I still identified as a girl (I am a transgender) And we had a crush on eachother, and dated for like a week, but then called it weird. We were around 8-10 so I thought nothing of it. You know? Kids being kids.


Then, on a site I still had him as a friend on. He messaged me, we chatted a bit. He asked for my Skype and he instantly introduced me to all his internet friends he had met in my absence. He was still the funny, smart kid I knew. except a few years older. I however did change. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, since I hear voices and I hallucinate. I recently had to tell him, and he was totally accepting.


Fast forward months later, I'm growing feelings for him. We had a Skype call for 9 hours and it made me the happiest I have been in the longest time. Today, I texted him, asking him how to get into a relationship since I fear rejection. I was slightly hinting it was him, if barely. and then he said something that made my hopes go sky high.


nah, they're just like you, afraid of getting rejected


I don't know if he knows, or if hes just giving me advice to just go tell the person I like em. I think he might know. But what do I do? He is my best friend. I can't lose him. If he rejects me I'd be crushed. I got out of a abusive relationship awhile ago so it's hard to open myself back up. I don't know what to do.


Please, any advice helps! If you could help me figure out if he likes me, considering that message or what you would do if you were me. Please do not say just tell him. Thank you!

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I was in a similar situation two times with two different guys (two years apart mind you, not at the same time lol)- chatting online a lot, having long skype convos, starting to get feeling for them. One time the guy liked me back, and the other time the guy didn't. In both cases I was fairly good friends with both first for a few months. In the first situation the guy and I dated for a a few months but it then fizzled out. We decided we were better as friends, and continued talking online after a break from one another. In the second situation, I admitted my feelings and the guy told me he didn't feel the same. It was weird for a couple weeks, but after that things went back to normal. We both agreed to forget about it and just move on, and my feelings eventually changed anyway.


So, in both cases I still remained friends. It is possible to remain friends, although it takes mature open people to do so. Unfortunately, the only way to find out whether he likes you or not is to ask as there's no secret way to tell, especially online. If you want to know, you'll either have to take a risk or keep waiting and hope if he has feelings he'll come out and say it himself.


The text is vague enough it could go either way. As the other poster said, does he know you are transgender and now identifying as a man? Because that could play into it as well.

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