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Why am I shy to kiss ny bf?


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Hi I'm Melissa, this is my first post on "enotalone" so here goes nothing.

Well me and my bf have been dating for a week now and we started kissing a bit, we only kissed twice. The first because of a dare, the second to say goodbye, let me just add I'm used to dating guys older than me and not the same age as me so my boyfriend is the same age as me and it just feels strange, I've never been shy with my older boyfriends but I am with my current boyfriend, I don't even really feel comftarble hugging him infront of anyone or alone and I think my shyness is messing up our relationship and I really don't wanna end it so please help me!!

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You don't say how old you both are.... Even so - it's only been a week! Slow down! What's the rush with kissing etc? Just enjoy each others company and take things slow. Maybe the fact this BF is younger means that he's shy too and is relying on you to make the moves?! I don't know. Just see how it goes. ... If you want it to last then take it easy X

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Older guys probably have more confidence and therefore they probably make you seem more at ease around them. Do you think that could be it?


I don't think your shyness is "messing up your relationship", it's only been a week - RELAX. A week is really quick to call someone your boyfriend too, so do you think you are really into him or just going along with it? (know you are young)

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Your friends kinda suck. Who would convince their friend to get back together with a cheating liar??


So you forgave him, the one who actually screwed up but not the friend who kissed him? Why doesn't she get forgiveness but he does? Why do women always blame the other woman but not the man?? He was the one who was supposed to be faithful but he deserves a second chance. Meanwhile your friend gets shut out because your BF was sleazy and made a move on her??


I would dump this guy and make amends with my friend. Really not cool to pick a cheating guy over your friend.

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