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My girlfriend need 2 week space to make sure how valuable i am to her

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Good Day!!


I really need your help to understand what is happening in my relationship,


Recently this girl whom I know for like 4 years, we had this thing between us for years but we were in other relationship, she always asked me out for marriage and I use to tell her am not ready yet


Recently like 6 months back she called me up to seriously consider it, we gave it a chance and we did develop good feeling for each other, but she got needy and I failed to fulfill here expectation, nothing major though since I was sure about her but I got busy whenever she called me and still we did spend decent amount of talking and texting, fact is she never gave me a chance to miss her


last month she went for this camp where in she was completely unavailable and she informed in advance and those days it took the out of me and i missed her like crazy and i decided to officially propose her and she said yes, after few days she started acting little weird and i got really needy, desperate for her attention, Now we got this stage that she has asked for 14 days space to understand how valuable I am to her. As you've mentioned in your videos i accepted it confidently and today is the 7th day, I've not made any attempt to contact her as well.


Please suggest me whats really happening

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Sorry, but you do not want to marry this girl.


I don't know what videos you're watching, but you should not just be sitting there like a chump while she has her two-week vacation from your relationship. Any woman who is serious about you doesn't need a break. You should have told her no, there won't be a break, and that if she wants to leave then she should know it's a break-up.


She sounds very immature and young. Is she? Either way, I suspect you're not the only man she's seeing.

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