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Is this normal?


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Boyfriend(1 and a half years) has a hectic job and is stressed half of the time. He can sometimes go for 1 or 2 days without texting me and it wouldn't be a big deal to him! He just remains normal! Whereas I end up becoming a nervous wreck waiting for him to text because I don't want to be the one initiating all the time. Also he sucks at texting. Should I make a big deal if this if we're great and enjoy a lot when we meet?

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Normal. I see nothing wrong with it. My husband and I never, ever, ever text each other - occasionally, we'll text a message if one of us is running late (for whatever), but that's it, but even that is rare.


Should I make a big deal if this


WHY on earth make a big drama over nothing at all? Making mountains out of mole hills will not lead to a happy, healthy, successful relationship.

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