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What fears accompany fear of public speaking?


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If someone has a big fear of public speaking, what other fears/dislikes is that person likely to have? For example, is it likely they are also afraid of crowds? Is it likely they are also afraid of showing emotion? Or is public speaking completely independent from other anxieties a person may have?


Thanks very much.

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"What drives this seemingly unreasonable fear? Being judged, rejected, humiliated – it’s different for different people, but these minor fears have one thing in common: they all feed off the speaker’s lack of self-confidence. Unfortunately, there is no instant cure for the fear of speaking in front of others, and stronger self-confidence takes time to build. "



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How does "fear of judgment" manifest itself in the real world? What kinds of activities would such a person avoid? Applying for jobs? Taking exams?


Well, since people are everywhere, it would apply to a lot of things - going new places, meeting new people, the things you mentioned as well.

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I'm not sure there's any significant underlying factor aside from perhaps an overall level of diffidence. The problem is that it really is a skill. Some are gifted in it, but generally speaking, it takes development. Oftentimes, it simply comes down to the fact people aren't good at it and therefor don't want to.


As far as I'm concerned, public speaking is an essential skill. In fact, I think it's borderline criminal that even universities routinely allow people to take a written course to fulfill public speaking requirements. Whether or not you do so regularly for a profession, you should be able to convey your thoughts to multiple people in a way that suggests you think what you're saying matters if you want them to feel the same way.

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Is this what's at the heart of the matter, Mfan?

"Is it likely they are also afraid of showing emotion?"


Hi Hermes. Kind of. I'm wondering if "fear of public speaking" has a typical personality profile that often goes along with it, or if people with every personality might happen be afraid of public speaking, like how some people are scared of mice but you'd never guess by spending time with them until the day you saw a mouse.

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I think fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears there are. Even seemingly confident people can have great trouble with it (even if they manage to hide it well). Anyone and everyone can be uncomfortable with it. But I would say it's probably most common in people with low self-confidence and people with other anxieties, especially social anxiety. I refuse to give any sort of public speech, and I have no interest in overcoming that - I'll just avoid it at all costs. I dropped classes in college if I even had to speak from my seat in class, and I picked my major according to the least likelihood of having to do so. Some people may hate it, but are able to push through and do it anyway.


I'm not entirely sure what you're asking, but hope that helps.

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No Mfan. No personality profile. And it isn't a phobia (like fear of mice, or spiders).


A querstion merely of self-confidence I should think, and getting some training in public speaking, particularly if it is to become part of your job.


There are famous actors and singers all over the world who despite the years they are performing get overwhelming stage fright before a performance.

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