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Heartbroken again.... Girl confused me so much


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Hey guys! I just need this of my chest and some advice....


A long story as brief as possible:

I met a girl who seemed a lot more intrested than me at first since I just had become single but one day I felt that this girl actually is everything I dream of. We went on seeing eachother and I told her that I was into her aswell, she paniced and said she didn’t want anything serious. Still we continued to see eachother and things got very serious for a couple of months, she started to hold my hand while we gonna go to sleep, kissed me goodbye every morning etc. We saw eachother aprox 3-4 times a week.


Then a couple of thins happened, she paniced again as her ex contacted her saying he wanted to get back together, she noticed that he had been screwing around though and she told me she needs to live the single life for her own sake, she likes me she said but she had to do this for her own. Still it was her and I who went home with eachother every night and we continued to see eactoher for aprox a month more until her ex again told her he wanted to get back together. From there she told me she couldn’t continue seeing me if she didn’t know what she wanted to do with her ex and she had panic cuz she didn't thought she was gonna be able to like someone else than him but she did. I said I don’t want to continue seeing you either then and we ended it there, still she continued to contact me thorugh random snaps etc. tagging me in pics and so on. One day I heard from a common friend it seemed like the were back together as he had seen them cuddling etc at a party, I texted her saying I don’t want her to contact me at all anymore for my own sake, nothing personal against her but as I know this I didn’t want to. I told her to have a good trip when she went to study abroad and I’ll see her in school some day. It seemed like she paniced a little since she tried to make contact with me at work (we work at the stores placed beside eachother at a shopping mall) but I was very cold.

Things turned around though one night when both accidently was at the same pub. I saw her talking to some other dude and I went out to get some fresh air and get away from the situation. She came after me and we talked and cried, talked and cried etc. I opened up completely saying I actually fell in love with her and how I felt I just was a rebound for her after her ex. She told me that was not the case and she is still thinking about me etc. From there we started to talk more again and she invited me to pizza but after we have been eating I told her “are you seeing him?” and she says it was “unclear if she did”. I was like ok then I still don’t want to talk to you (but in a friendly manner). Time went on and we talked more and more and one day she asked me again if I wanted to see her so we did. This time she stayed the night and we had sex. So a few days there we saw eachother, I gave her a gift since I know she is going studying abroad. The day after that she came to me by herself without saying anyting before. But then I noticed her getting all cold again towards me…


So I told her when I gave her a ride home from work that is there something you want to tell me before you go because I noticed you became all cold again. She told me yes and that was that she wanted to to this trip by herself, and forget everything that happened at home, nothing to be in the “way” of her. I told her I understand she wanted to do this trip by herself but I asked her why did she “come back” when she knows how much I feel for her, and how many times I/she cried infront of eachother. She said “ye that wasn’t so good maybe”, and I told her I thought It was bcuz she likes me and she said “but I do like you” and shred a tear or two. I told her well now I know, I’ll see you one day and gave her a hug and she said “yeah we will” and went out of the car.


The last part is now 1 month ago and here I’m sitting completely miserable, still crying over this girl, seeing her become friends on facebook with some hot dudes over there, changing her profilepic etc. I don’t know what to do and how to think. I just can’t belive that a girl like that (a really good girl actually) did that to me, when I really opened up to her how I felt to her, why did she come back if she knew she was gonna stop talking to me again when she was going away? Did she forget all the things I told her, like why I didn’t come in to her work bcuz I like her too much to just stand there and know she is seeing someone else? Why did she do this… I worry that i acted needy and unconfident (i Think i did a good job telling her not contacting me etc though, it was her who contacted me as u can read above), but why did she then come back this last part?...


This was only in a period of like 5 months maybe but i'm still heartbroken.... again........ And she is gone, having the time of her Life. Does she even feel anything for me or is it all a lie


Sorry for wall of text

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Sorry to hear you got caught in between their on/off nonsense and got hurt by this. She was never sincere, just looking to have company on the off times from her bf. Be glad she is gone. Go no contact and ignore and block her so you can heal and move on.


There are plenty of more available, less messed up girls out there for you.

she told me she needs to live the single life for her own sake, she likes me she said but she had to do this for her own. Still it was her and I who went home with eachother every night
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Yes.. sadly you were her rebound.. I know.. they hurt! She was never over her ex. emotionally unavailable to you etc.


When you walked the first time.. would have been best to remove yourself completly and keep going.


Stop answering to her. She has done nothing but hurt you.. she is selfish.

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Yeah well, i have gone NC (again) and havn't Heard from her for a month now so i guess this was the last time. I just can't belive she insisted to still walk in to my work when i actually had told her that every time she does that i Think that it means something.One day at work she Went after me when i was going for lunch and we talked, she asked if it was okay and i said yes but there's a reason why i'm not going in and and talk to her more often. She started Crying and i had to calm her down telling her why, and i said it's because i like you so much and i have a hard time being all happy and talking to you if i know you see him again etc.


I didn't get to say that much during that conversation so i called her the same night asking why she started Crying. I continued explaining for her that i like her to much to just stand and talk like nothing had happend, and i asked her "You don't feel the same thing i do for you, right?" "Just tell me the truth, that's all i ask for, i can take a no but just tell me that then". She Went silent and i told her just say no and she told me that she couldn't say completly no to that question. After a while we hung up and it was AFTER this she asked me if i wanted to see her and she stayed some nights etc.


I feel really stupid that I at this time thought she actually likes me (cuse now i have told Everything i feel about her and it's she who Contacts me, who wants to hang out, sleep over etc). I feel i just took Everything to serious and now i know she didn't at all, i feel so damn stupid. I enver learn do I..... I feel like that i'm thinking of this non stop 24/7...... It aint normal i guess but i can't help it


Another thing is I do not know how to act when she eventually comes back. How should I act when i see her? We go to the same school, the same clubs etc... I know she's already stoped thinking about me but I know I will be like this for a long time, it hurts but i cant really help it

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