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Issues with an Ex Flame


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So today I was called "easy," and it's something I've never been called before. I never had this reputation in high school, and I still don't consider myself easy in college. I do not hookup with a guy unless I like him and am interested in/am dating him. The exception to this is when I lost my virginity, and I decided after that night to never hook up with a person unless I trusted them, and liked them enough to date. SO, in total I have slept with 3 guys: the guy I lost my virginity to, an ex flame that never turned into anything (that I was "with" for 6 months), and my now serious boyfriend of a year. The second guy, I never had any issues with. We had fun together, went to a few events together, but it seemed like he never wanted anything serious, and was just leading me along and didn't really respect me, and so I stopped contact with him. The last time we even talked, he had texted me asking to hangout, and I told him I had met someone else and it wasn't going to work out (my boyfriend now). I never saw him after that unless it was an awkward pass by after class, but as far as I knew we didn't have any issues. I know he doesn't like my boyfriend, because he knew him before we dated, and he mentioned he didn't like him. My boyfriend recently dropped his old fraternity and joined my ex-flame's (so he is now a "pledge"). Because my boyfriend is a pledge, I'm used to actives calling his name and asking him to do stuff during the day at football games. Today, he was called over by an active and told that the girl he was with was easy. My ex flame told the active that and then they called over my boyfriend to tell him. I know these guys aren't friends, I never did anything to harm this guy, and now he is trying to give me a reputation. Is he jealous of my boyfriend and trying to be mean to him? He had to have known that would get back to me since I was standing five feet away and saw them all talking, so was it directly a dig at me to be mean? Do I let it go or confront him about it? How do I deal with this. People who know me know that I am not easy, but the reason it bothered me was that he was telling people that I don't know that I am, which leads to a false reputation. He doesn't like my boyfriend, we don't talk anymore, why would this guy go out of his way to tell someone he doesn't like that their girlfriend is easy?

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