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Should I go back and try to talk with her?


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I was dating this girl for about a week, we slept together 5 times just cuddled and watched movies together half naked in bed. The last time we hung out was the first time me and her had sex (it was amazing for the both of us) the next day I spent the entire day with her helping her get her stuff done and the day after that she turned cold towards me, she always used emojis and smileys and hearts all the time with me and she suddenly stopped so I called her at 8pm that night to see if she was ok or if she was having a stressful day or something & she told me this isn't gonna work out. Everything went amazingly well with her though I cooked her dinner a few times & we had ice cream we had sex one time which was awesome I gotta admit & then the weird pard was that the day I spent with her I helped to fix her car and she invited her ex to help because he's a mechanic, he ended up destroying the motor on her car so it's unfixable. When I called her at 8pm that day she told me it wouldn't work out and I seen on her facebook that she changed her relationship status to with her ex 3am that day so I have no idea why she waited 15 hours to tell me but i don't know why she went back with him either because we really got along really well she was all over me the day I spent with her kissing me hugging on me all that stuff. So. Is we haven't spoken for almost a week & I wanna message her just to let her know that I still wanna be friends with her even tho the dating didn't work out.

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If you do send her a message it will look like groveling and trying to use an excuse to get back into her life. She is obviously into her ex and more than likely never got over him, even with the time she spent with you. It sounds as though she is not bothered. Sex does not equate to emotions or caring for you, however she acted. It was short term and a fling for the sake of filling up her empty time but nothing more by how she is now acting.

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But the weird part is that the last time me and her hung out was because she wanted her ex to fix her car but he's a moron he dosent know anything about cars, I told her to let me fix it because I know alot about cars but she still wanted her ex to do it and he messed it up and destroyed the car. Her ex lives 10 mins from her and I live 15 mins from her but her ex is on the way to my house but she insisted on dropping me off first, she always texts me to let me know when she got home and when I asked her she read it and never replies which told me she hung out with her ex and then she changed her facebook status at 3am to with her ex instead of with me and then called me and broke up with me 8pm that same day so idk why she waited 15 hrs to tell me. She has been through a lot of guys who ed her over but she was really into me, even her parents loved me. She even told me that she tried to date her ex twice and it just could not work out and they used to hook up. Now I haven't spoken to her in a week

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I agree but still I wouldn't mind being her friend because she does have issues with bad anxiety and other stuff so everyone needs someone who they can vent too.


No, you wouldn't mind being her friend and listen to her vent because you think it might get you in her pants again.


Have some self respect and find another chick.

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Stay away from her for the time being, for her to do that to you is just awful and she doesn't deserve to know you because of it. As painful as it might be the best solution is to just move on and find new people.


This may also sound cruel but you may have just been a rebound from her ex when she was fragile and in pain. Don't let her sap you and take advantage of you.

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Unfortunately she got back with the ex after he checked out her car. How old is she?


Don't put yourself in the friendzone knowing she's having awesome sex (and probably ice cream too) with her bf.


Let her talk to her friends and bf. You should be out looking for a new gf not buzzing around someone who dumped you.

we had ice cream we had sex one time which was awesome.



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What YOU need to do is have some self respect now and walk away. WHY would you keep at a gal who is this messed up?


She is NOT mentally or emotionally stable acting out this way.


She Used YOU.. and yes it hurts! Been there.... walk away and have no more to do with her.


Find someone who IS interested in ONLY you and not rebounding.

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Ok, again, focusing on only the parts that are necessary for you.


You want someone who feels the same way about you from one day to the next.


Who knows herself well enough to have a conversation about the relationship rather than behave in an unpredictable manner.


Who will go out with you once, and either it works or it doesn't, learn something and move on.


These three behaviors would help you to trust in the other person's feelings a bit and invest some of yourself.


Also, someone who respects her friends, including how she uses theit time and how she asks them to invest in her.



None of these traits are on display. There is nothing here that is worthy of your investment. Good to know now, versus later.

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I don't understand why you would want to get back with her after what she did? You're in lust - that's all. Have some self respect (And I mean that in a nice way!) and find a girl who loves and cares for you and respects you for who you are... not someone to get with to mess about or make their BF jealous. She's REALLY not worth it X

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