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So close, but so far! Help


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Hello! I posted a thread here two weeks ago about getting my ex back. Something miraculous happened. But first the only thing you need to know is that she always showed signs that she liked me whenever we would hang out. From blushing to her breath rate quickening. Two weeks ago I tried to ask her out, but was too nervous and just stuttered and left. The next day we texted but she stopped texting me for two weeks. Yesterday she texted me because her new device came, and her old one was broken.. Thats why she didnt text me. The only problem is that she left 300+ miles to a university. How do I get her back? We still plan to keep in touch! (She told me she even packed a stuffed animal I gave her a year ago...aww)

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I'd say keep in touch and see what happens! 300+ miles away is a long way - but doable if you both want it to happen. That said, she's going off to university where she will meet new friends - both male and female - so for the first few weeks it will be a mad time for her. Just give her time and see what happens. You're special to her, I guess but a security blanket too, from a past, comfortable life. She's starting out again but that doesn't mean you can't be part of it. I guess the bottom line is.... see what happens. You're both still young - you've got your whole lives ahead of you - things might change for you too. Good luck X

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aww..Happy for you, even if you two do not get together soon, it is a sweet story. What I can tell you, you both are in contact now. Do not rush anything. Do not get obsessive with the idea of getting back together. If it means to be, it will happen naturally. Now you can write great letters to each other and plan in the near future an encounter.


You make me remember a movie I watched time ago..


[video=youtube;63CzbeGzSCo] ]

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You're not getting her back. She went to university, it's over. Like I said on your other thread she enjoyed the attention but does not want to date you.


Expect her to contact you until she's comfortable there, then she will slowly fade away. I've been there. High school relationships do not last through college.


Your time would be better spent moving on.

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