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Feeling cheated is it cheating or not


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Hi I am in a relationship since 8 years with my gf and we are planning to get married she has started working few months back she never use to hide anything from me but suddenly her boss started hitting on her which she told me and I always told her ways to stop his advances but then she stopped telling me about all this she went on coffees and later on for a movie she told me that it is lunch but it was a movie she was ccurious to know about her boss marital status but during the movie her boss wanted physical favours from her and she also came to know he is married then she told me but still lied that it was not planned date is this cheating please help.

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Discuss boundaries with your fiancee. If she doesn't agree, then you two aren't compatible with your ethics or how you want to operate in a relationship. She's being inappropriate. Of course the boss is too, but she's not stopping him. I'd reconsider staying with a person if you two can't come to a consensus on important matters such as this.

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She's an adult, and therefore she should be able to make adult decisions. Going to a movie with your boss is crossing the line. Lying about it makes it that much worse.


You don't need the anxiety every time she sets off to work. Is it cheating? Not in my book. Is what she did wrong? Yes. (At least in my opinion.)


That being said, this needs to be addressed and boundaries need to be set. If an agreement can't be reached, then perhaps you two aren't compatible. (To echo was Andrina said.)


Good luck.

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It's not cheating - yet. But she's pushing the boundaries, for sure. Her boss is in the wrong, but so is she for either:


1. Leading him on


2. Leading him on when she knows she's already in a relationship. And that he is too.


3. Leading him on knowing HE is in a relationship


4. Knowing all the above and still not doing anything about it.


Sounds like a bit of a scallywag if you ask me. Going to the pictures with your boss is not right. Well, not if you're both in a relationship. Sounds like she's more than interested, in which case, you need to tell her it's finished. Sorry X

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