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Hey guys, a couple weeks ago my girlfriend of three years decided she wanted to take a break from us. I can see why she wanted it because I was a pretty ty boyfriend and I would talk to other girls and at one point just a few months ago I was going to have sex with another girl at college but she found the text messages and she was devastated and I never really hangout with her that much in school last year, I kind of blew her off a lot and it took its toll on her. We've been on a break for a few weeks until last friday she got black out drunk and had sex with another guy. I am literally devastated, this is the worst feeling I have ever felt, I can't get the image out of my head. She told me a couple days ago that she did it, Im glad she told me and that I just didn't find out but its still so painful, I love her more than anything in this world. She admitted to me the way I acted in the relationship made her fall out of love with me. She still wants to take a break and I think we also need some time apart after this. But I former want to get back together with her and make her the happiest girl in the world. I pushed her away and I paid the price, what she did was absolutely terrible and selfish but if I was there for her like she was there for me all the time then i feel like it would not have happened and we would be happier than ever. Can anyone give me any advice though?? thanks

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It sounds like both of you are not ready to settle down or be exclusive with anyone, that's fine enjoy your freedom.


If you are on 'break' why are you talking to each other about your sexual escapades?


She told you she "fell out of love with you", you need to go no contact, not listen to her sexual adventures as "friends". use self-respect and let her miss you and come to you.

last friday she got black out drunk and had sex with another guy. She admitted to me the way I acted in the relationship made her fall out of love with me.
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We were on a break but she was leading me to think that we were going to get together soon, she said she wouldn't of even thought about doing it if she wasn't blacked out drunk. Which really is no excuse, idk me and her talked about being together forever and I mean I still want too but we are giving each other our space right now.

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It sucks when the shoe is on the other foot, doesn't it? Now you know how she felt when she found those texts.

You can take that break, but I don't think this relationship is fixable to be honest. The trust is gone (on her side) and you won't be able to let go of her sleeping with someone else, despite the fact that you two were broken up.

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Hypocrite. You planned to have sex with someone else while you were still together. At least she had the decency to break up with you before sleeping with someone else.


Are you for real? You don't deserve this girl at all.


Now you're free to bang anyone you want, enjoy!



I know what I did was terrible and I promised on my grandfathers grave that if she gave me one more chance I would make her feel like the most special person ever, and I really mean that, I love this girl more than anything, more than life. I want to be with her forever.

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Remember this feeling..whether you get her back or you don't, if you are ever in a relationship again and think it might be a good idea to play around with other women, even sexting, this will be the end result.

Cheating and not appreciating someone and loving them like you should, not only hurts them, but can very well hurt you in the end.

Whatever the outcome cburg, I do hope you find your way and can become a better man from all of this. I really am sorry you're going through break up pain. It's hard.

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What's the different between a break and a break up? At least with a break there is a little bit more hope of getting back together.


I agree the relationship actually ended when she found the texts. She is using the break terminology to pull away whilst she keeps you as an option just in case she feels like it.


I would strongly suggest that you realize that. The "relationship" is done she is on her way out. Clue? She is partying and has sex with someone else.


And yes there is a lot of hypocrisy in your post.

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I had a serious talk with her last night and she agreed with me that we have a future together, but she just needs more time, she kissed me, and said that we can give it a shot, just not right now, she promised me she wouldn't do that with another guy again and I promised her that I would not be a ty boyfriend to her again... Idk if that helped but yeah

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