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should i give me EX an ultimatum


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we broke up and went NC for a week.


My EX contacted me back a couple of days ago, telling me he missed me. I couldnt find it in me to ignore him so we began being friendly again.


During the week we went NC, i did a lot of reflecting on myself and why the RS failed. I told him this when we started talking again. I did insinuate that if we were to try to make things better, we should first try to work on ourselves because we broke up for a reason. He didn't mention anything about wanting to get back together as I feel that maybe he is being prideful - to have mentioned that we should break up and then try to get back together again now is quite confusing for him and me, too. So i didn't pursue the topic.


Now I am seriously confused. He doesnt want to talk about it yet, and i dont want to pressure him into getting back together.


Should i tell him to make up his mind - whether he wants to try again or else i will go strictly into NC.

Is this too pressurizing on someone?


I do care for him a lot still. He does for me, too. I am just unsure if it is his pride getting in the way, or if he just needs more time to figure things out (if he wants to try again in the RS).

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You should leave him ONE message and then leave it for him to get back to you. I am sure he knows you want to get a hold of him and he is ignoring you. It looks weak for you to keep messaging and chasing him, like you are desperate and have no value or other options and this strengthens his position. You DO have value and make sure you remember that. Do not keep chasing him. Consider the lack of reply as a NO.

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