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can a girl be nice out of pitty?


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I know this is too vague.....But I liked a lot a coworker and asked out a coworker about a year ago. She declined me and despite the awkwardness I decided to move on even though I had strong feelings for her. However, lately she has been very nice to me. Does it make sense she is being nice to me a year later because she feels bad that I like her and she can't reciprocate? I do like her and it is work, more difficult. Or is she being nice because I became withdrawn from her (I did not do this on purpose to provoke a reaction, I became withdrawn because I thought she wanted to be left alone) Was thinking, my actions will speak louder than my words and I will find a way to charm her without stating, "can we go out, I like you, blah blah, this and that" I need help on this one, thanks everyone.

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Or she is being nice/friendly as she would to any other person figuring that it's been a year and you should be long over her and moved on, so it's OK for her to be her normal self around you.

Be careful about reading too much into something like general friendliness. She rejected you and it's wise to treat rejection as permanent because typically it actually is.

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