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will things get better?


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So its been 4 months since had that situation that happened with my ex. Its been 2 months since my dad died. How am I doing ? I feel really alone. Most of the time, im sad, mad, depressed, angry at just everything. It affects my work performance a lot. and I just came back from the time off from grieveing and stuff. Im a delievery driver at my job. So when im a lone driving. I think about my ex and my dad. and the past. how everything was good. I think about my ex a lot. she made me feel like , like im a ty person. And her words really took toll on me. Not a day goes by where I just relive different memories of her everyday since then. the good the bad the ugly. its tormenting. I feel like a prisoner in my own mind. Everyday I go to the gym after work, and sometimes I cant even focus there too. I just dont know what to do. At one point I wanted to kill myself. But I dont feel that way anymore. I dont know what to do. And I dont have anyfriends. I only have one. but sometimes i feel like he dosent know whatto say. so I just keep it in. please help me. Im tired of feeling depressed.

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Start the process of finding new (social) hobbies and meeting new people (some of who might become friends). Sign up for a class in something. I was where you are (different sources of sadness but still saaaad), the things that have taken the edge off is making connections with people (which is hard, not gonna lie, but you have to keep at it) and taking up hobbies that are challenging and immersive (for me, this is trying to play guitar and sing at the same time).


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