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My swollen, red tongue


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So a few days ago my tongue became swollen and red. It really bothered me. It was just on the left side of my tongue, but it made it difficult for me to eat and it hurt. I thought it was very strange. I googled it and found that it was a deficiency in vitamins; specifically vitamin B12 and iron. I purchased those vitamins and took them. The problem is mostly gone at this point.


In the past I had a blocked salivary gland that created a lump in my throat and also cause my tongue to swell. I went to the doctor and I was told to drink a lot of water and suck on a lemon or sour candy to blast the calcium ball that was blocking my salivary gland. The lump in my throat became smaller and the pain in my mouth subsided and eventually the problem was eliminated. Now I make it a point to drink a lot of water.


Anyone else experience weird things like this? chi

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My dad had to have all his salivary glands on one side of his neck removed in the 80's because they were blocked.


Oh, my goodness. I wonder if that is what they would have done; removed my salivary glands, if the problem did not get corrected in the way I described. Wow!

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Nope but speaking of swollen I got a spider bite on my hand last night. Now my left hand is swollen no fun


You may need to see the doctor about that spider bite, Matt. I know of someone that was bitten by a brown recluse spider and there was pus and the skin around the bite was dying. He was put on antibiotics. Best to see the doc.

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Ok so I think when It comes to weird health concerns you should avoid self-diagnosis and just head straight to your doctor's office.


Your swollen tongue could have been something else entirely since it went away after a few days. Symptoms of iron deficiency come around when you are very deficient, normally people then need to take high dose iron pills for months to elevate levels and relieve symptoms. Taking pills for 3 days will not fix it deficiency. Same with B12. I say this from experience as I have suffered from both conditions and was on supplements for over a year.


It's also dangerous to take iron supplements without a doctor's permission or guidance, because too much Iron can kill you.

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