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Is it normal to "ghost" someone?


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I don't understand my situation or how to interpret on what occurred because it is all so confusing.


I met a guy while I was visiting my cousin in a different city to do a internship. My cousin in law decided that his friend and I would be a good fit and show me around town since I was considering moving there. During my long stay, we would go on dates and meet up with each other and it seem like we had genuine feelings about "liking" one another. But soon after, I notice that my cousin was not enjoying that I was taking a liking to this particular gentleman. She would tell me things regarding him but I never took it to heart since I know what kind of person she was.


One thing that I liked about him was that he was honest and open when I asked him about the things my cousin had brought up. She still bad talks about him and suggest that I don't hang out with him. Even then, I was still respectful and ask her permission to still see him even though I am an adult and I was staying with her. After I left to go home, my cousin and I stopped talking to one another due to the conflict and how poorly she treated me but thats another post. The guy and I continued to see one another since. He would fly me out to see him and spend some time together almost every two weeks.


But, my cousin and I situation got so bad where she fabricated lies about me to the guy's best friend. I got back to him that he attacked and accuse me of it. I didn't know what to say or what to do because how can you prove a lie. He knew my cousin and I had problems before I left. Now we have not spoken in three months. We both agreed we would work on a relationship together, and had no conflicts. I just don't understand how can someone disappear without saying a word or "goodbye" after all that time? Is this normal?

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