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I'm deeply in love but he's making me think I should end things

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We are two guys who love each other. This February he went to a party and he met up with a girl who I knew he had really liked in the past. At this party he kissed her and was holding her hand. He recorded themselves kissing and saved the video. I would of never thought anything Like this would happen because I knew he genuinely loved me. I found out because after we got back together he accidentally ran across the video. Months go by and now 7 months later I come across a picture of her in his favorites on his computer. I got mad and he told me that he never liked her. So I somehow was able to get her number and I messaged her.. Turns out that he kissed her and that he was asking to see her phone and wanted to be alone with her. I confronted him yesterday and finally after he knew I know.. He said that the only reason he was asking to see her phone was so that she stopped trying to look at his. Also that he kissed her but immediately hated it. And that he wanted to be alone with her because he didn't know anyone else. For the love that we have I wanted to believe him. But she also told me that he went looking for her months afterwards but she was taken. And that a month or two ago he messaged her saying I'll always be here for you. He never told me anything of this. She obviously doesn't know that he's with a guy and I asked him to tell her and he refused. I asked him that it was to save our relationship and he threatened to start talking to her again. Again I'm so in love and I've put him through so much because I'm so hard to love and he was always there to give me love. He claims that he doesn't want her in his life

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