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I'm pregnant!! (This is surreal!!)


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As a long time frequenter over the years, I have seen too many of these posts to count. So of course, it seemed only right to make a post of my own(also to drive this home for myself!). While my husband and I were trying for the last few months, albeit unsuccessfully, we had many highs and lows with this entire experience. Just as the saying goes, things have a way of working out as they should. Just when I was sure we were out yet another month...low and behold. I'm totally shocked -- but at 35, with a husband I know will be the best father to our child, I'm ready for this next chapter(I think, I hope, I pray!).



**I am thoroughly petrified at the thought of delivery though, hopefully, I can warm up to THAT in the upcoming months***

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Congratulations on the new member and new adventures!


I've been pregnant 3 times, delivered 3 times, trust me the delivery is usually one of the easiest parts. By the time month 9 rolls around you will not be able to wait for that delivery to come, so you can hold your baby at last.


You will be my resident expert then Thanks PP!! That was very comforting to read.


Yes, compared to raising the child birth is the easy part. Have a well thought out birth plan and allow for the fact it can and will change. Knowledge is the key .


Thank you Vic - excellent pointers.


congrats >>>>

i am sure you will make an amazing mum and you and your husband will make amazing parents

its amazing how life can surprise you the moment you dont expect it. i pray that your journey may be blessed


Thank you soo much!



Thank you to you ALL! It's amazing the journey we take from what brings us here to current day. I would't change ANY of it!

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Congratulations! Such exciting news, I am so happy for you! I don't "know" you. . . . but I'm a mom of two beautiful daughters (ages 23 & 19) and they are truly the joys of my life. And it's still an adventure! You'll do fine with the birth - you will forget the tough parts the moment you see your child's beautiful face Best wishes for good health - and I hope you post here and let us share in your adventure!

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Congrats!!! As someone who just experienced it all for the first time (and now have a newborn who will be four weeks on Sat), I wish you lots of joy and luck!!! If you have any questions, it's all quite fresh for me so ask away!


Congrats on the birth of your baby! I hope everything went well for you!

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Just an update -- we are having a baby girl and we couldn't be more excited!!! (ESP me ha!).. I feel so blessed and grateful; I've had no morning sickness whatsoever in the first trimester..so other than feeling tired easily, this has been a stress free pregnancy. Hopefully, we won't be paying for it later 😃

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