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Fake accounts


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so my partner and I have been seeing eachother for almost 7 months and we have quite an age difference, I'm 19 and he's 32. We are both okay with the age difference but lately I have had people make fake accounts saying that he has slept with all these other people while we were seeing eachother casually. He assures me they aren't true and I do believe him, i just don't understand why they keep messaging me. I am a really sensitive person so it's really getting to me, I just don't know how to switch it off. He's had a lot of sexual partners, exs and even a fiancé. It just makes me feel really uncomfortable knowing that there is someone making fake accounts to try and ruin our relationship because they don't want us together. We are just constantly fighting about it because I get upset. I don't know how to just ignore it. They say such harsh things about me and him. Everytime I block the account they make a new one. It's just getting really frustrating.

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This sounds like it's coming from one person or maybe one person and a couple of friends, not a whole bunch. Second, it sounds like either a) he's got a stalker, which he then needs to handle with the police or b) are you afraid there is truth to these accounts and he is somehow not as single as he claims?


I'm not sure why you get upset with him about this though, does he not want to do anything to stop the person from doing this?

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It would bother me as well and make me question who he has had in his life and why they were doing this. There really is only two possibilities here. One, that they are telling the truth and trying to spare you some hurt, or two, they are an ex and are trying to stir up trouble. Either way, it's not nice.

Have you spoken to him about this? Does he have any clues as to who would do this?

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I find it hard to believe that he doesn't know who's sending you these messages, fake or not. And if he genuinely doesn't know, because there could be more than one contender - that really IS a bit worrying.


Also, is it usual for him to choose partners who are much younger than he is, and therefore likely to be less sceptical and more trusting? I'd tread carefully with this guy, because of his history, regardless of the messages.


However, if you're unable to block the messages, go to the police. This is stalking/harassment, and is a crime; within my experience, they are very sympathetic especially when you're demonstrably suffering emotional distress as a result of them.


Good luck!

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Sounds like it's either someone stirring up trouble or someone trying to warn you off him - for whatever reason. Either way, it's not conducive to a happy, trusting relationship. Ask your BF if he knows who this person is and why they would say such a thing. Set up another account and change the privacy settings to close friends and/or family only and see what happens. If you don't trust him, then walk away. Life is too short to be stuck with someone who can't be honest and you're still young. Don't waste your life on someone who can't be truthful with you. Good luck X

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You mention "fake accounts". You mean on a dating site or do you meanon Facebook? Id day its no one elses business if its from a dating site. if its on Facebook. Its someone close to him who is jealous or not happy about your relationship.


Think what the motive is and from whom.


If its Facebook you are you then you shouldnt accept friend requests from people you dont know.

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This is one of those situations where time will tell. People can keep a secret for a while, but eventually the skeletons will come out of the closet - if there are any. Just keep your eyes and ears open. If he is screwing around it will come out eventually. Just do yourself a favor and don't get knocked up by this guy.

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