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Should I follow this guy on Instagram?


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This sounds really stupid but I met this cool guy in the first week of college and we haven't seen much of each other since. I noticed that he commented on a post of someone else that I follow so I found his Instagram account by reading the comments. Would it be kinda weird if I followed him? Since I would have no other way of finding his account?

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Hmm, depends why you want to follow him and what you hope to gain from it? If it's a "I like this boy and I want to watch his every move" then I'd say no, because that's weird and not going to do you any favours if you like him but he thinks you're stalking him! What do I know, I'm 43 and have no idea about Instagram, unlike my teenagers! Good luck at college X

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I thought Instagram, Twitter etc were all about following and being followed! So no, that wouldn't be weird, but I guess it feels that way because you've got a bit of a crush on him. If you were turning all creepy-stalkerish on him I'd suggest you get help, but the fact you're even asking the question suggests you're not.


Good luck with all this!

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I followed! But we haven't quite technically broken up yet but it's coming soon


So you want this guy's attention.


-He isnt a random nobody, you know him

-this was from a while back

-going so far as to want to follow him despite time and even idea of awkwardness


Do your bf a favor and stop stalling. Break up with him already. Your boyfriend sounds like a player who, based on your other posts, basically admits to you he will probably cheat on you at some time and blame it on the "sorry, this is just who I am." And you have been looking around, instead of shutting a guy down in disgust.. you go for a coffee date, while dating another guy, to get back at him? Just break up with him already and stop the behind the back games. You need validation from a guy who cares about you and isnt looking around, and your bf does not seem to care one way or another. This isn't even about the Instagram guy. If its not him, its going to be someone else the way you and your bf are headed.

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