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What's this guys deal?


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This guy at work (don't have a crush on him). Was friendly at first but now he purposly ignores me. He says hi to everyone at work in front me but doesn't say anything to me. When I walk into the room he usually walks out or starts to whistle. I recently made a mistake at work and he is talking about me to other people and giving me the cold shoulder.Can someone tell what his problem is, I honestly haven't done anything to him.


I don't think he fancies me as he is married with kids.


How do I deal with this situation and remain professional?

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Ask your boss for advice on how to handle the situation. Be factual and ask how to deal with what is going on so the work environment is comfortable for everyone.


Or walk up to him and ask him if you have done something to offend him or upset him, when he asks why tell him how he has been acting towards you recently.




PS This is posted in the wrong section. Perhaps a mod can move it for you.

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