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Ran my first 5K, question now on improving my time


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Ran my first 5K this past Sunday. I ran it in 27 minutes so just under 9 minutes a mile. Just started running little over 3 months ago. Played sports my entire life through college but really let myself go after college when starting my career. Trying to get back in shape now and running has become very addictive. Age 30 now and around 260lbs, height is 6"4. Question is for any experienced runners out there. I am running my next 5k in October and want to improve my time hopefully shaving off 30 seconds to a minute. Do I run more miles a week? How can improve my time? Currently only running about 12 miles a week.

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Running is totally addictive! When I was training for a 5k, I'd run 4 times a week, twice for distance and twice for speed. During the speed runs, I would run at a fairly brisk pace for 5 minutes, then walk for 5. Then I'd run at a brisk pace for 4 minutes, then walk for 4, until I got down to 1 minute. It's WAY intense, but that technique helped me get my 5k time down from 30+ minutes to 24 minutes (and I was in my mid-thirties).

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Once a week, intervals, such as described by Gebaird. As you are able, decrease rest time by 30 seconds.


Also, run up hills,


Finally, stretch. As your front leg unfolds it will cover more ground. When it snaps back and also pushes off the ground, your hamstrings and other muscles behind your knees are working hard, contracting quickly. Keep them flexible and fluid so they can reach a bit further forward, and push off hard.

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Increase the mileage no more then 10% each week or you can risk injury.


Do one run twice the distance of the race (10km for you at a slow pace ie:11min p/m)


Do one run 1.5 of the race distance (7.5km)


Do one run at race distance


Do an interval session.


As above hill session will help strength and stride. Remember when you run that you want to place each stride under your body not in front as you will lose not only speed but expel to much energy.


Do some weights and core strength work.


Good luck with it and keep us posted with your progress.

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Hills are great! I hate them ... but feel so much better when I include them.


re intervals training - look up Fartleks:


Are you running nature trails or in a concrete jungle?


When I started out I used the Strava app on my phone .. it was great to watch my speed and set goals - race against myself.

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How does this Training Program Look


Sunday-Long Run 5-7 miles/building endurance

Monday-Rest day

Turesday- Interval Training/Speed Training

Wednesday- Easy Run 3 miles

Thursday-Run 3-4 Miles, Moderate Pace

Friday- Easy jog 2 miles/end with hills 6-8 reps or whatever my body tells me to do increasing a few reps every week

Saturday-Rest day

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