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Not sure how to move forward


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I recently reconnected with an ex after I reached out to him and he told me he was moving out of town so we ended up hanging out a few times before he left and things seemed good. He said how much he would miss me and that he didn't want to leave and how much he liked me. Then on his last night in town we went for a drink and I offered a long distance relationship option and he said we would play it by ear and talk about it when I visited later this month. It wasn't necessarily the best answer but it wasn't the worst. He also said he could end up back here and that if distance wasn't an issue he would try again with me. Then he called me kiddo as he left. He is 47 and I am 28. And I said you sound like you are my dad and he said no don't say that. He promised to text me that night and the next day when he was leaving. He never did and I now know he has blocked me. I left him a couple voicemails because I have no reason why he blocked me. It really hurts because we left things on good terms and I told him to always be honest with me and not ghost on me and then he did which hurts a lot more than had he just been upfront and not made promises. Any advice would be appreciated.

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I guess it goes without saying, "the age thing", and I guess you would say 'feelings of the heart' but if you think about it, it probably wasn't meant to be. Shame you bumped into him. Who knows what "other women" he has and doesn't want to miss out on seeing them. You could be a threat to if you call text 'who is that?' 'Oh no one'


Hope you don't spend too much time time grieving over him! Or are you attracted to unreliable people?

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Sounds like he never intended to do anything long distance with you but didn't want to tell it to your face, also why were you dating a 47-year-old pri*ck?


How to move forward: stop leaving him voicemails, stop calling him at all. He blocked you, return the favor. Block him on social media, delete his number, do not reach back out ever again. Move on. Heal.

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